Dear European Campers and Friends,

For the 53 rd  Europe Rally ,we are going to meet in Kiskunmajsa , Hungary, on a beautiful camp site with superb thermal facilities for us during our stay in the “Pusta Bugac “region. Best regards to all,looking forward to meeting you in Hungary

Jean Marc DUDT

Dear Camper Friends!

The National Association of Hungarian Camping Associations came to the privilege to organize after many years the 53rd of European Rally in Hungary in 2014.
The camping movement in Hungary in recent years has undergone a great change. For various reasons, after a long history of community fragmentation of the reorganization and now there are signs of strengthening. As recognition of this fact we have had the opportunity to organize the 53rd Europa Rally. We make every effort to meet this anticipated trust. The organizers of the meeting in Hungary pay increased attention and look forward to the not so distant future events. Obliges us to this day is memorable and our ancestors recognized as meeting organizers.
53. Europa Rally planned location is located in the Bács-Kiskun County, in the small town of Kiskunmajsa thermal spa-and Jonathermal next to the Campsite.  Spa resorts in Hungary are very rich in the beneficial effects of accession, as a result of the needs of the modern age is modernised to all tastes.  The thermal water is suitable for the clinically recognised first and foremost, and medical services. Stated that it owns the highest european standard. Related to the medical camp suited to the needs in the field of medical tourism is expected to serve.  During the session open to the public at the 4-star thermal bath in addition to the understanding of the questions asked to introduce the regions many attractions, this place is. In this part of the Great Hungarian Plain is home to the largest wine region. Many so-called wine routes can be found here. The wine tourism plays an increasingly important role in tourism. Several destinations, cellar tour planned for the participants of the meeting: we want to create an opportunity to learn about our region’s history, culture, traditions, folk art, and attractions, all of the diversity that characterizes the Hungarians.
We are committed that the meeting will further strengthen the European camper society organized, deepen the friendship among the participants – strings give guests the opportunity to experience the true Hungarian hospitality.  We invite all those interested in Kiskunmajsa in the spirit of the above, feel as good as we would like.

Dr. George Koch
President of MAKEOS

Dear Camper Friends!

I fondly welcome you on behalf of the Hungarian Tourism Ltd, which is an organization responsible for Hungary’s touristic marketing. It is a great honor that in 2014 our country can receive the participant of the 53rd European Rally and what more Kiskunmajsa can give home for the traditional European Camping trysting.

Come to know the hospitality of the Hungaryan country side in the ’sunny’ South-Lowland:

- do not hesitatete to try our thermal and medical bath

- admire the beautiful downtowns of Kecskemét and Szeged

- taste the bests of the Hungarian gastronomy

- roam through the Kiskunság National Park

Just have an insight of the ever-day life of the so called ’Puszta’! We hope that after the days spent here you will willingly take all the good memories home.

We are gladly expecting your return to one of Hungary’s numerous camp site sin a following occasion.


Marianna Tóth (Mrs.Dene)

general manager

Hungarian Tourism Ltd.